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March 2, 2013, 00:44
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Today is, I suppose, a gratitude blog day. It is not the post I was going to write but the internet is down again and researching links is too tedious on my phone.

I was pleased to discover positive comments on my latest post from two lovely people whose opinions I respect. I have never met Nettie Heidmann , but we have interacted on line for some time and she has been very supportive, she understands what it is to have Aspergers. The other comment was from Dr. Robert Frost who has been a dear friend for many years and one of very few people I have invited into my home, he has done so much in the field of personal development for so many years his opinions mean a lot to me. Just a few moments ago I got a message from Rich Weatherly telling me he likes my blog, today I am feeling appreciated!

This morning I woke up in time to see my granddaughters before they left for school and nursery, the world is made a much more amusing place by the presence of children. I love that even as a child grows there are so many wonderful moments that they leave in a parent’s memory, of course it means that they never manage to escape the little girl or boy they were because their parents can still see them. So children are on the gratitude list.

I was shopping today in HMV on Argyle Street so I’m including all their staff, although the shop is closing the staff remain cheerful, courteous and helpful. The woman who served me in Boots and remained unflappable when her till froze, calmly running my purchases through a self service with an assurance that if I brought my receipt in they would still give me points even though she couldn’t show them on the receipt.

The saxophonist and drummer busking in St. Enoch Square make the list for brightening up my walk into work.

A couple of days ago Neelam and I had dinner in Dino’s, the chef who made our risottos is very definitely on my gratitude list. Of course Neelam is on my gratitude list every day, but particularly today as she is coming in to town to collect me in the middle of the night!

It occurs to me that listing my reasons for being grateful lifts my spirits wonderfully so every day I am going to list ten things for which I am grateful. However I shan’t be publishing them, you can jolly well make your own list!

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