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Today I Weep for Hugo Chavez
March 6, 2013, 18:01
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Today I weep for Hugo Chavez,
He put his people before profit,
He stood for the common man
Against big business and the
Might of the USA.

Today I weep for Venezuela
And with her grieving people;
Today they have lost a father,
Bulwark against the imperialist
Might of the USA.

Today I weep for all of us,
The freedom loving people
Of the world, who together stand
For justice and peace, despite the
Might of the USA

Today I cry with the people,
“We are Hugo Chavez!”,
Can a tyrant inspire such love,
And popular acclaim, I ask,
People of the USA?

People dry your tears,
Raise the red flag high,
Onward the revolution,
Hugo Chavez cannot die!

Tyrants come against us,
Let the streets run red,
On goes the revolution,
Hugo Chavez is not dead!

Comrades stand together
Raise your voices high,
Onward the revolution
Hugo Chavez will not die!


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