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We all need heroes. We need heroes to inspire us by their example. We need heroes to inform our opinions with their words. We need heroes upon whom we cab model our behaviour and we need heroes to give us hope, hope for the human spirit, hope for the future of humanity.

I mourn Hugo Chavez because he gave us hope that despite all the greed and corruption in the world people and nations could aspire to something selfless and noble. He reminded us that politicians can be men of integrity. Above all, like Castro, he showed that we do not have to bow the knee to the USA, we do not have to look on helplessly as the Americans invade weaker nations to feed their greed, we do not have to remain silent as they trample human rights and bomb civilians with their drones.

Chavez did not form my opinions, apart from Tony Benn, most of the heroes who did form my opinions are dead. At their head I must place St. Francis of Assisi who inspired me so much that as a student I gave away almost all my possessions to Oxfam, funnily enough, ever since I’ve always had more than I need! Others who have formed my opinions have included the trades unionist and freedom fighter James Connolly, the great Keir Hardie, James Maxton. There are more some of whom like Tony Benn and Fenner Brockway. I have been privileged to meet and some like Michael Foot and Mick McGachey to hear speak.

Of course I have many other heroes in all walks of life comedians like Dave Allen, George Carlin and Frankie Howerd, writers like Shakespeare and Terry Pratchett, I know some people wouldn’t put Pratchett and Shakespeare together, but I think Shakespeare is that good! There are actors I admire like John Wayne (not for his politics, but for his integrity), Cary Grant, Amitabh Bachchan, Katherine Hepburn and musicians like Johnny Cash and Kishore Kumar.

I think the one thing above all that my heroes have in common is that they all elevate humanity, they all make the world a better place, they all hold up a mirror in which we can see ourselves not only as we are, but as we could be.

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I don’t admire everything that Chavez did but I do agree with you – I like that he thumbed his nose at the US bad politics.

Comment by Robert Frost

It is perhaps a failure of socialists, that we sometimes allow our admiration to blind us to our heroes’ faults.

Comment by springingtiger

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