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March 10, 2013, 20:56
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In five years the period of our mortgage finishes, I suppose the conventional thing to do, would be to pay up and settle down, but what if we did something more radical? What if we sold up and hit the road? We could, you know, buy a camper and just take off, and why not?

In the first place there are rather a lot of videos. CDs and DVDs; ok, that’s five years to transfer all the ones we want onto hard drives, sell what we don’t want, and any we must keep, pack up for storage. We do have a lot of books, if we took off we’d have to rely on ebook readers. We could store a few books particularly the difficult to replace ones, but, in all honesty, we could manage without most of our library in paper form. It would be a major wrench, but it is doable and we would get used to it.

Modern electronics could provide us with our entertainment and information needs. A couple of portable hard drives would accommodate our music and video. For internet access we would have our phones and public wireless access, there are a lot of hot spots nowadays. There is a question of whether we should have both tablets and ebook readers, or just read books on the tablet.

There would be changes in our shopping habits as we would have to buy little and often as we needed things. On the other hand, we would have the pleasure of trying a variety of local produce wherever we might be. Also our wardrobes would have to be simplified to match our space with an emphasis on multi tasking garments.

Bathing and showering would require us to stay at sites with reasonable facilities. However there are very many well equipped caravan sites with excellent bathing and laundry facilities, as well as hard standing and electricity, and some are in very beautiful settings.

Although we would have to simplify our manner of living, we would gain a rich diversity of scenery and the opportunity to explore Britain and even further afield. We would be able to visit friends and family without the problem of finding accommodation. It would also compel us to reconsider our attitudes to work, and to find new ways of earning a living whilst on the move. I would have to find room in the van for my massage table! Between us we have a number of skills upon which we could trade, the challenge is to employ them in a nomadic lifestyle. However people have, for centuries, successfully lived a peripatetic life and what one person can do another can learn to do. As far as I can see the biggest challenge is presiding my wife that out is a good idea, at the moment it exists only as a possibility.

Neelam says, “Why not keep the house as well?”, but I think that’s missing some of the point.


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I am planning to do a bit of both, travel about and keep a home-base.

I also downsized — cut my footprint down by about 2/3.

Comment by Liz Ditz (@lizditz)

Bonus, you get to travel, but always with familiar surroundings to hand. I love that life gets more exciting as you get older, who knew?

Comment by springingtiger

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