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Strange Dreams

Today I had a strange dream in the moments before awakening. I was in Umbria or perhaps Tuscany where a new novel about St. Francis and St. Clare was being filmed. For some reason, I know not what, I was on the set; the current scene a roofless mediaeval building, perhaps a barn or an unfinished church glowed a warm pink in the Italian sun. At the lunch break the crew sat at the tables on set where the Brothers had been filmed eating, Fr. Francis and his friars at one table and his visitor Clare with her nuns at the other. The director thought it would be fun to read a grace used by Fr. Francis from the novel, however at the point where St. Clare replied one of the men began to sing. The voice was not his, nor that of any of the cast or crew, but a beautiful, angelic soprano singing in flawless Latin. That voice banished all hunger, all thought of food, the room was silent, not an eye did not glisten, not a one of even the toughest techies remained unmoved. Sadly my alarm rang and wrenched me back into reality, but a part of me remains in the Italian sun still held by the voice of St. Clare. Hours later I am still not hungry, I am not the man who found the lost chord, but I can still hear it, I think I always shall.

On a lighter note I have also dreamed of the Starship Enterprise. Captain Kirk, played by William Shatner as he is now, called down to the Engine Room to speak to Mr. Scott only to be told, “He’s not here, Captain.”
“What do you mean, he’s not there?”
“it’s his day off, Captain.”
“Day off? Where is he?”
“in his quarters, sir.”
“Quarters, he has quarters? I thought he lived in the Engine Room!”

It is with good reason I entitled this, “Strange Dreams” although, “From the Sublime to the Ridiculous” might have been equally appropriate.


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That exultation, that glistening eye, that still in the Italian sun – these are all signs of “emotion”. You may not name it, but sometimes it does have you.

Comment by Robert Frost

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