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One logic, Multiple realities

Neelam has been looking into the whole subject of the Akashic records which are believed to be the complete record of creation and incarnation. It is a belief which crosses cultures, but the existence of a library of every soul’s records is obviously a symbolic representation and one’s entry into and apprehension of the record is culturally determined or, to put it another way, the Akashic Record looks as you expect it to so people of different cultural backgrounds experience it differently. Is there such a thing as an Akashic record? The name Akashic Record is, as far as I can see derived from modern paganism. In Sanskrit Akasha is the fifth element, the aether, it is the original element which preceded the physical elements and in some systems is rejected because its existence cannot be empirically verified. I suppose that people locate the record in the Akasha because it pervades everything, the record certainly has no verifiable geographical or physical location. There are verifiable physical records of our universe that owe nothing to human intervention, we have a geological record of the formation of our Earth, there is a fossil record of evolution and by coring the ice of the poles we have a meteorological record covering several millennia. Given the tendency of nature to preserve a record of its history, it is reasonable to assume that if there is a metaphysical layer of being it will too preserve a record of itself. Whether that metaphysical layer exists is open to debate because, to date, it had not been verified by material science. What is true is that there are people who believe that it is possible, by various means, to access metaphysical layers of being and that their work provides comfort and benefit to many who share those beliefs. Anecdotal evidence is not – as I always point out – empirical evidence, but it is evidence; it may prove nothing but it does suggest that there is something to either prove or disprove.
As well as the Akashic Record there is also possible a vision of the dynamic of the interaction of individual souls. This vision finds its way into popular consciousness in myths and legends. The themes and stories may recur in many cultures, but the images reflect the culture of the one communicating the vision. It is not a fixed vision but an ongoing one so that a contemporary visionary may see in symbolic terms given by myth, the interactions of people alive today. Here, as it says on the old maps, be dragons – and all sorts of other mythical archetypes. Were two visionaries of two different cultures to examine the same persons’ interactions they would see effectively same picture, but in imagery appropriate to their own culture. Sadly the waters are muddied by a class of mystagogues whose imagination exceeds their vision or indeed, in some cases, whose entrepreneurial instincts exceed their vision.

Every plane of being is governed by logic. The premises may not appear the same, but once they are understood anything inferred from them will be logical. Once the symbols of the myth are understood then the actions of the protagonists will be logically consistent. It may be argued that humans are not logical, in fact they are, but we are not always aware of the premises upon which they are basing their logic. There is an Hermetic law that says, “As above, so below” the same is true of logic and spirituality. If someone cannot explain something logically, at best they do not understand it. Some charlatans will say, “Divine logic is different from human logic” all logic is divine, all logic is the same. And in the absence of empirical evidence it is only by logic that we can assess truth. Do the Akashic records exist? Logically it makes sense to accept the possibility, if we accept that we have not yet reached the limits of human understanding. Is it logical to consult the Akashic records? It is logical when all empirical possibilities are exhausted to examine other possibilities, if those possibilities have in the past proven fruitful, it is certainly logical to explore them as long as they prove useful. What cannot be explained logically is untrue.


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