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The Writes of Spring.

We have snow, but I’m not complaining, Glasgow has come out of this winter with rather less bad weather inconvenience than most of Britain. What I really would like to know, is what has happened to our Spring. I look out of the window and I am not seeing Spring, I’m seeing snow, rain, the wind lashing the trees. March is supposed to “come in like a lion and go out like a lamb” but this year it seems intent on hanging around like a polar bear. The frozen ground and snow make it impossible to really get much done in the garden. I suppose I could get some of the outstanding clearing up done, but the weather is so bitter I am disinclined to spend much time outside. It’s not all bad news, of course, as the extra time indoors allows me to continue my quest to publish a daily blog.

That quest is slightly frustrated by our temperamental internet connection; there are days when, were it not for my phone – with its nifty Google Drive, WordPress and Blogger Apps – I would have to admit defeat and not post. I am determined that some day soon I am going to write my blog entirely on my phone and, rather than edit the text, publish it with the word suggestions made by predictive text intact. I use Swype most of the time rather than Samsung IME; I love the speed of Swype, but it has to be watched, it uses words I don’t intend to! As a general rule even when the Internet is cooperating, careful editing is called for as my fingers tend to rearrange letters; some days it’s not so much editing as translating and, if I’ve forgotten what I intended to say, rewrites of whole sentences.

I had hoped by now to perhaps be able to use my garden as a source of material, regaling you with a novice’s struggle to tame nature. I am sorry to say nature has very much the upper hand. I know my weeds understood “Companion Planting” long before I did, why else do they hide close to the thorns of my roses?

My project for this year is to give my granddaughters their own garden. I have a raised bed ready to erect, but I need to get a shift on and get some seeds germinating. As well as flowers, they want “little roses” and strawberries, I’ll need to buy some plants. Lidl has an offer coming up on children’s garden tools, so my first step will be a shopping trip; I’m not sure where I can get children’s gardening gloves, but I’m sure they are available somewhere.

The Wrongs of Spring
Having written the above I returned home and went to bed, I got up at 17:30 with a migraine starting; how does that work? I thought one went to bed to get rid of a migraine, am I living my life backwards? I had thought to write a second half to this post on awakening, but in all honesty, even with the screen dimmed, I find looking at a screen uncomfortable. Time for dark glasses and painkillers, I think.

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