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No Hope
March 26, 2013, 19:57
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I am afraid that I am in no condition to write today, so here is an unedited piece upon which I am still working. Please excuse the lack of tags etc., I shall eventually fix it, now I must sleep.

No Hope
I seem to remember that in the Est Training, Hope was below the line as one of the things we use as a substitute for being responsible for our own experience. Hope unfortunately is a distinction too often collapsed with “optimism” and “possibility”. I am very clear that without the expectation of a positive outcome people are unlikely to embark on any action; without optimism, the belief that things will turn out well, there is little incentive to act. The problem with Hope is that it is something for which we wait rather than something we make happen, thus it robs us of power. Optimism, on the other hand, is a dynamic belief that our actions will yield the best possible results.

People who “live in hope” are at the effect of their circumstances; the best they can hope for is that things will change for the better. The attempt to change things is to apply effort to what is already there to mould it into something better, what you end up with is the same substance with a different appearance; transformation destroys the substance itself replacing what was present with something new. They destroy the old to create a space for what they want or to put it another way they create a new possibility; as long as the old substance remains there is no space for any new possibility; creating from something is just change, creation is always from nothing. Werner Erhard says, “In order to create something, you first have to be able to create nothing” In nothing there is an absence of anything, of preconceived ideas and that includes hope.


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I hope you get better. Not too much I can do from here so I will hope.

Comment by Robert Frost

Optimism leads to action and autonomy-hope leaves you at the mercy of chance.

Hope you rest well.

Comment by Kim Wombles

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