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The State of Obie.
March 31, 2013, 00:15
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Friday night I went to Obie’s Comedy Festival gig and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although I have seen Obie compere, I wanted to see him on stage as a performer, so I turned up at The State Bar. It was a fairly small crowd, but Obie seemed unconcerned as he had not really promoted the gig.

I knew some of his material from the standup comedy course he taught a few weeks ago. What I had not been prepared for was how the set would take off when he just let go and indulged his surreal silliness. A day after the gig and I am still chuckling at Obie’s impressions, the tree impressions will be with me for a long time.

It would be hard to dislike Obie, unlike some comedians he does not stoop to cruelty. While he is happy to banter with members of the audience, he doesn’t seek cheap laughs by humiliating them. Obie’s humour can be risque, but is inoffensive, the butt of Obie’s jokes is Obie.

After the gig I overheard a conversation in the toilet in which Obie was described as a genius. I don’t know whether he is a genius, but his humour is deceptively intelligent and yet silly. I had a good time and will certainly watch him again.

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