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Hannah’s Bears (part 1 rough draft)

There was a little girl called Hannah;
She had bright blue eyes
And bright blond hair
And a bright button nose.
She had everything a girl could want:
Lots of toys and
Lots of clothes and
Lots of dolls, but
She didn’t care for those.
She had soldier dolls
And sailor dolls,
Dolls who cried
And dolls who laughed,
Dolls she could take in the bath,
But she didn’t care for those.
She had Barbies and a Sindy,
Dolls who wet their nappies ,
Even one doll who was windy.
Fifty years ago she might
Have had a golliwog, I suppose,
But we live in a different age
So she didn’t have one of those
Oh no, not one of those.
She had a pretty bedroom
Full of pretty things:
She had a kitten
And a puppy,
A little bunny,
And a guppy.
She had lots of lovely clothes:
Pretty dresses,
Lots of shoes,
Designer jeans,
Designer hose,
But she didn’t care for those.
So many toys with which to play
So many books to read,
So many pretty clothes to wear,
But they didn’t meet her need,
They did not light up her day;
For all of these she did not care,
All Hannah wanted was a bear!


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