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Flying from Home
April 5, 2013, 23:33
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The little boy with the cuddly bunny was obviously excited, I suspect he may have been flying for the first time. I must admit that until we were safely into Glasgow Airport I was stressed. Neelam moves at a different pace from me and as a rule we leave home later than I anticipate , today this meant I was anxious we might bee late for our flight, I seriously hate being late even when tardiness had no major consequence. The problem is that she always had a much longer To Do List than I, in fact I am usually happily oblivious to just how many things there are to do; on s normal day this does not matter so much, buy on a travelling day it is not entirely useful. Ok, I admit that I don’t always help the packing process run smoothly, but my packing was done in plenty of time and sat for for days waiting for Neelam’s packing to complete it. My packing is simple, clothes, camera ,  laptop and washbag; I tend to forget that life is more complicated for other people  particularly those with more of a grip on reality. Neelam’s packing is more complicated. As a female she Bergs a greater variety of clothes than I, and then there’s all sorts of make up, personal hygiene stuff and patent medicines to pack; I am confident that of London suffers am outbreak of Denge fever, Lhasa virus or even Thrips in the next three days, Neelam is equipped TY deal with it. Neelam does get somewhat annoyed when instead of helping her, I am doing other things like reading Facebook posts, she questions my priorities, but I can only do that which I know to do. Ok , I must also admit she did ask me to gather some things on her list while she was in the bath, but I got distracted and forgot.

Amy easy, to cut a long story short , as the saying goes, we were late in leaving and some of what had to be done was left undone. Because we were running so late, Neelam decided not to risk the delay using the Long Stay car park may cause and insured use one of the on site parks even though this would incur extra cost. We arrived at the Check In about half an hour before our flight, only to discover it had been delayed by an hour. By this time I was on edge  but pure mash and gravy in Eat helped me unwind somewhat. The delay allowed me to buy my Micro Mart. I would have liked more time because I enjoy the shops in the airport any airport.

I love my daughter, I love my daughter’s daughters but having a full house, it is nice to escape for s few days, just Neelam and I in a hotel room. Actually we are attending Art Giser’s course on Healing Ancestral Programming. No I don’t know what it’s about  I only learned today what I’m going to, but I have liked Art and his work ever since an NLP conference a few years ago, so I’m confident I will enjoy this.

On the plane there was a mother with her two young sons they were obviously exited, particularly the younger, the boy with the bunny. Later as we waited in Baggage Reclaim the young boy was happily putting his bunny on the carousel then grabbing it as it moved away. Neelam remarked that it must be nice to be excited about flying, she felt blase after fifty years of planes, the excitement had worn off. Then she looked at me and on seeing my face laughed, “You still get excited don’t you?” Yes I do, but I still hate waiting for my cases.


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