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April 6, 2013, 08:40
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There is the pain of awakening
And the pain that awakens me
At four o clock in the morning,
Before the birds begin to sing,
Shooting through my back.

It’s not enough to make me weep,
Or indeed, to worry me,
But it’s enough to banish sleep,
Enough to have me keep
Vigil until the dawning.

Only the pain that is acute
Really impacts upon me,
The sudden agony that shoots
Through my being’s very roots
And destroys my sleep.

I am hyposensitive,
Fortunately for me,
With chronic pain I’ll live,
But I’d rather not, I give,
So I shall undo it.

I shall use exercise ,
Avoid the pills that slow me.
No relief, that way lies..
The meditation of the wise
Shall be the life I live.

And so I go into this day,
Nothing can stop me.
I am determined to play
With fascination on the way,
It’s the way to really live.


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