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Sunny Sunday

As some readers will be aware, Neelam and I are spending a weekend in London on a course. This had presented a few challenges on the blogging front. On the first night the hotel wifi kept dropping out on my laptop; I ended up manually copying the text from my laptop to my phone so I could post over 3G, which explains the spelling. As well as posting an autism related blog every day of this month, I am participating in a National Poetry Writing Month challenge to post a poem each day. Yesterday and this morning I posted autism related poems, sneakily fulfilling two goals with a single piece. However tonight I thought I would round off the weekend with what is, more or less, a diary entry, but one in which my perennial bugbear of sensitivity to noise crops up again.

Sunny Sunday
Today has been a largely enjoyable day. It was day two of Art Giser’s Energetic NLP seminar “Healing Ancestral Programming (which will be the subject for a separate blog) and I had a lot of fun despite spending several periods totally spaced out.

Mealtimes were the only real problem today, mealtimes and the sound of sirens as we made our way around the streets. Actually the streets of London can be more than a little trying at the best of times and a school holiday weekend is not the best of times. The beautiful spring weather has brought the people out onto the streets to enjoy the sunshine, I don’t blame them, but I don’t like them. Lunchtime was not a great success, we used to love the salad bar in Neal’s Yard, but today we were disappointed; the food was ok, but slow and the service left much to be desired in accuracy and attitude.

In the evening after a visit to Watkins wonderful bookshop we were going to head up to Mornington Crescent for dinner, but Underground closures compelled a rethink. We went instead to Pizza Express. We have been using Pizza Express for over thirty years and the food is always good, tonight the service was excellent. The only thing that marred the experience for me was some noisy diners who came in towards the end of our meal and made me glad to leave.

It has been a great weekend, plenty of highs and very few lows. Tomorrow it’s on the plane and back to Glasgow for me. I can’t say I’ll be sorry, I enjoy going away, but not half as much as I enjoy coming home, and back to my daily life.

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