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Hannah’s Bears Part 2 (rough draft)
April 9, 2013, 05:27
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She pestered her Papa,
She nagged her Mama,
Or, I should say rather,
She nagged her mother
And pestered her father.
In a Christmas magazine
Hannah, a bear had seen.
He was a cheerful chap by Stieff,
Her mother saw the price, “Good grief”
She said, “That’s far too much!
I know let’s go to the park,
You like it there, you’ll have such
Fun on the swings, what a lark!”
But Hannah said,
“I don’t want to go there.
I don’t want to go anywhere,
Anywhere there’s not a bear!”
And then she went to bed.
For days she grumped
About the place.
She was never cheerful,
She had a sullen face
And sadly humphed:
Every day was tearful
Until her parents
Grew quite fearful.
“Whatever is wrong?”
Her mother inquired,
“Tell us, you know we care”
Quickly back, Hannah fired,
“I have not got a bear!”
Something snapped in her mother’s head
“I’ll give you bears, “
She said, climbing the stairs,
“I’ll give you bears”, she said,
As she took a blanket
From Hannah’s bed,
And tore open a pillow
Because there was nothing
Else to hand, full of stuffing.
Creativity in full flow
She cut the blanket into bits
And robbed her best dress of its
Buttons. She took the magazine
And the bits to her sewing machine
And then she began to sew.
She sewed all through the night
Right unto the morning light,
And put the finished product where
Hannah would see it at breakfast.
And when Hannah came down the stair,
Her mother said, “What’s that, there?”
Hannah looked and saw at last
A bear. “It’s my bear!”
She loudly shouted.
She was in no doubt about it,
At last she had a bear.
Hannah had a bear.
Do you think she would stop at one?
Hold on tight, we’ve just begun.


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