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Hate and Anger

Margaret Thatcher has died and I cannot say I am at all sorry. However I am not going to waste my time on expressing my hatred of her, she is dead, she no longer cares what people think of her, if she ever did. No amount of hatred directed at her will make any difference, it only drains strength from those who express it. In all honesty, hating Thatcher has been a waste of time ever since she was kicked out of Number Ten, but she inspired so much hatred when in power, it has embedded itself in Britain’s psyche, particularly outside the fat Home Counties and the financial institutions of the City of London. Thatcher may have been singularly unpleasant, but the system which allowed her to abuse the British people was not of her making, nor did it cease to be, when she fell from power. In some ways she was at the effect of the system as much as those whose lives she destroyed, because ultimately it was not her, but the system she served.

The ultimate insignificance of Margaret Thatcher can be realised by looking at this present Conservative government who are propagating inequality even more assiduously than she. The National Health Service has never been more under threat, never have so many of Britain’s resources been under foreign ownership. Never have the disadvantaged been so threatened and exploited,  while so much of the country’s wealth is being given in handouts to the rich. Of course, Thatcher’s undermining of Trades Union rights is greatly to blame for the collapse of justice in this country, but the depriving workers of employment protections is going further under Cameron than it ever did under Thatcher, soon Justice will only be available to those with the money to buy it.

I do not remember the disabled being under such virulent attack under Thatcher as they are now. Not only are benefits being eroded and withdrawn, but many people are being forced back into work by dishonest assessment of their capacity. Unfortunately there are no jobs suitable for them and so they have neither benefit nor employment.

Why should we turn our hatred on a dead woman who is of no consequence, it does not hurt her and is a waste of our time and energy? However we should not be expected to pay for her funeral out of our taxes, that would be justification for rioting, it would be a theft from the people of the country. The Government can hardly claim they cannot afford benefits for the disabled while giving huge tax handouts to the rich and also squandering millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on the funeral of probably the most hated woman ever to live in the UK. We should not be squandering our hatred on Thatcher, we should be turning it on David Cameron, this government and the system that allows people like Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron to exploit the poor and defenseless while pandering to their millionaire bosses.

Forget Thatcher, focus on what can be changed!


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