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Recovery from Autism
April 13, 2013, 23:04
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I always say that anecdotal evidence is still evidence, by no means as useful as scientific evidence, but evidence nonetheless. If a mother claims her child is recovering or has recovered from autism, I will not dismiss her account. However, I will be sceptical and have questions. In the first place I would question whether that from which her child is recovered is in fact autism; however autism covers a broad spectrum, there may be variants from which one may recover.

What is certainly true is that, in many cases, the symptoms of autism diminish with age. It is also true that some of the conditions comorbid with autism are susceptible to treatment. However while I know improvement is likely,  I find it hard to believe in a cure for autism. Autism is not an illness from which one recovers, but rather an integral part, even a determinant, of whom one is. Whether we believe in recovery from autism every parent of an autistic child deserves to have the hope of improvement and the certain knowledge that it has happened many, many times.


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