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NaPoWriMo and Me

It is halfway through National Poetry Writing Month and I have been writing a poem each day. This year I have committed myself to writing and publishing a blog post every day, and so far I have managed. I am finding an unaccustomed discipline in writing, and I am enjoying it. I love to write, as I have often said, it is by reading what I write that I know what I think. Writing every day began as a chore, but now, after three and a half months, I can not imagine a day without writing. The last few years of blogging have given a lot of enjoyment, but the last few months had given me a passion. I love to write, when people read what I’ve written it’s a bonus, I write for me. I have always written poetry, but this month  is an interesting challenge. Writing when inspiration strikes is one thing, but producing a poem every day has unlocked a part of me I only suspected was there. On the eighty/twenty rule I should get six good poems out of this month, I think I’m ahead of target. Some of the poems aren’t good, some will be improved by editing, but I am pleased with quite a few of them. Yes, writing every day requires discipline, but I am finding it very exciting.

As a child my school, Giggleswick, provided me with the discipline I needed to get into university. Unfortunately university provided me with no discipline, consequently I did not complete my degree. What I realise now, a bit late perhaps, is that I can be disciplined, but it’s a discipline that arises from passion. I realise now that what I have tended to lack is not discipline but passion. It had taken a while, but what I realise is that I love to write. When Michael Hall told me he writes at least half an hour every day, it sounded like a burden, now I cannot imagine a day without writing.


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[…] NaPoWriMo is ‘National Poetry Writing Month‘. Actually that’s a complete misnomer because it is international. All over the world poets and would be poets will be rising to the NaPoWriMo challenge. That’s another reason it’s a misnomer, Poetry? Okay there will be some good poems written, perhaps some great, but there will be some stinkers. Trust me, I’ll be writing some of them! […]

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