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April 15, 2013, 17:17
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This is a good year for daffodils.
Although the winter was so hard
My garden is awash with yellow.
Down the old clod bank they spill
With sunshine filling the yard.
I’ve just said goodbye to a fellow,
I knew not, that he was very ill.
Losing people is very hard,
Although in time the feelings mellow.
Mac would have enjoyed the daffodils.

Mac’s garden was better than mine,
He knew well what he was doing
In the garden, got it right.
His full rich life had been fine,
With no cause for rueing,
Full of joy and of delight.
I learned today he had a fine mind,
Many interests pursuing.
He touched many hearts with light
In many lives his joy did shine.

I wonder that he went at start of spring
As the winter finally passed,
And as all the world began to bloom.
In spring as birds again begin to sing,
And soil begins to warm at last,
Putting to flight cold winter’s gloom.
Wherever he may be now Mac will bring
Fresh vegetables for the King’s repast,
And blooms to brighten up the room,
And with the angels Mac will sing.


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