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That’s Not What She Said!

I just read an interview with Temple Grandin in the New York Times. In response to a question about vaccines and autism she said that having talked to parents she didn’t discount a vaccine connection in some cases of regressive autism, and that research needed to be done on regression. However the first comment I read began, “Thank you Temple Grandin for stating the obvious that vaccines are damaging at least some of the children stricken with autism.” That is not what she said, and somewhat misrepresents her response.

In her interview Temple Grandin says she has spoken to perhaps six parents of children with regressive autism with a post immunisation onset. Because they all tell the same story, she is not prepared to dismiss their claims out of hand and she is right, anecdotal evidence is still evidence. However far from stating that vaccines damage children, she calls for research to be done into why a group of children have regressed. At no point does she suggest the inference that vaccines damage children is obvious, she accepts that it is a possibility not to be discounted without research. However as she says, she hasn’t seen a study that looks at the regressive group in isolation, and until there is we have only anecdotal evidence. Personally I think she’s right, let’s do the research, it would be better than the mesh of lies woven around the subject. Sadly when faced with empirical evidence, there are those who will still prefer their own opinion, but let’s get the relevant facts once and for all and let’s remember immunisation protects from serious and sometimes fatal diseases. Seventy seven people have been hospitalised in South Wales this year with measles, over seven hundred have contracted the disease because of the poor take up of vaccination. Parents need
solid facts upon which to base decisions, not unsupported stories.


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Perhaps. But the vaccine makers need to learn to preserve their vaccines without mercury other very toxic additives.

Comment by Robert Frost

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