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Hannah’s Bears part Three
April 18, 2013, 23:40
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(Haven’t quite got to the end of Hannah’s Bears, but posting now to meet my deadline for today.)

Now she had one, she wanted more
Perhaps a dozen, or a score
Of cuddly teddy bears to hug.
Her mother too had got the bug,
Dare I stay she had a bugbear?
Soon there were bears everywhere.
All Hannah’s bears were happy,
But for a few, a little sad.
Baby bear wore a nappy,
Baby bear was never bad.
When Hannah pressed their tummies,
Some bears liked to make a sound;
Squeaks and growls were heard around
The house, and one bear cried, “mummy”.
There were bears who did nursing
And actor bears rehearsing,
Bears who talked,
Bears who walked
One with a board for surfing.
There was a geek bear with spectacles
And pencils in his pocket;
There was an astronaut bear
With a helmet and a rocket.
There were tubby bears
And chubby bears,
Some skinny bears as well.
There were bath time bears
And bed time bears
With a Lavender smell.
There was a soldier bear
And a sailor bear,
A Talibear too;
A bear that was red
And a bear that was blue.
A Police bear,
And a Fire Bear,
And a doctor bear too.


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