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I forgot to eat today, as I sometimes do, when my mind is on other things. Our weather has been miserable for so long, since last Spring, that many garden jobs remain undone. Today the sun came out and so I set about tackling a to do list that makes War and Peace look like a Post It note.

I decided to paint my fence, a task delayed by two wet summers, and started straight after breakfast. I had already brushed it, in the teeth of a gale, with a wire brush, some days ago, before the rain interrupted me. I finished my wire brushing and then started to paint, intending to pause for lunch. Neelam came home in the afternoon and made a cup of tea, I drank it and continued. I continued until I ground to a halt, too tired and too sore to do anything more.

It was only after all my things were away and my brushes washed that I realised I was hungry. This is not a new thing, I have always had the gift, or curse, of getting so absorbed in what I’m doing that everything else escapes me. When I am absorbed there is little point in talking to me because I cannot hear you, I am unlikely to hear anything which is strange as I tend to be oversensitive to sounds. I really don’t know how this works, it is as if my senses have an off switch. In meditation one of the goals is to withdraw the senses from their objects; who needs meditation when you can have a good book or even a paint brush and a fence.


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