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Watching Oklahoma

I am watching Oklahoma, the London stage version, again. I first saw the Hollywood film on television when I was a child, it was released when I was two years old. I like films whose endings  I know, I don’t like surprises. My favourite films are mostly musicals, the one’s that aren’t by Disney have probably got Doris Day or Judy Garland in them.  Several of my favourites are Indian films, needless to say they all have songs in them. I like the British war films of the Forties and Fifties, because they portray a world with whose values I grew up. I like right to be right and wrong to be defeatable, if not redeemable.

I have said I dislike surprises but I do like some horror films, they tend to star  Boris Karloff or Vincent Price. I enjoy traditional horror, vampires and werewolves and supernatural themes. What I don’t like are the modern horror films with chain saws and psychopaths; I don’t need to be told that the world is an ugly and dangerous place. Is it so wrong to want the world to be a safe place where people behave honourably, where people matter more than money, where a person is valued for who he is rather than what he has? I grew up with the films of the Forties and Fifties and their manners and values. Whenever I’m afraid I whistle a little tune, I like to whistle while I work, I always let my conscience be my guide. I grew up with the films of the Forties and Fifties and that’s as far as I want to grow.


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