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Silent Declaration

Silent Declaration

Recently we reached the end of the Landmark Education “Money Seminar” Am I richer? Well no, not in cash terms although the Children’s book “Hannah’s Bears” should have it’s text completed very soon. I have also got some sketches done to show the illustrator, the sort of thing I’m looking for, so the project moves on apace. On the other hand, as the seminar makes clear “money” is not so much about money, but about what we value, about the measures we use for success, of which cash is but one. We may well need money, but we all have other measures of success and for the purposes of the seminar these all count, the advantage of cash in this context is that it is easily measurable.

The reason we do these seminars is the support they give in making life work better and especially the breakthroughs they give us in the way we think and live. The other morning I listened into a team leader call and, as so often in Landmark work, the question of integrity came up. Landmark talks a lot about one’s “speaking” and its language is that of conversations, because in the Landmark model everything exists as language and how we respond to the world, to others, to work, to money, is seen as a series of “conversations”. In Landmark they like to talk, I prefer not to. As well as the conversations that are our relationship to the world, actual conversations are a big part of the Landmark methodology, sharing in seminars, sharing in conference calls and talking to people to enroll them into possibility, to make requests, to make promises and declare the “stand” one is for certain goals in the world. During the call I realised how much I curtail my participation because I cannot promise to have “empowering conversations” with people. What I have also realised is that integrity is being true to who I am, and I write rather than speak whenever possible, and so I shall write. Whereas my fellow participants may shout their declarations of who they are, and declare their stands, I shall write mine. This year is the thirtieth anniversary of my participation in the est Training and that is occasion for writing.


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