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My Bear.
April 22, 2013, 21:54
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Since my first Christmas I have been accompanied through life by my teddy bear, Daddy Bear. He doesn’t come on holiday with me any more, but whenever I move house, he moves too. Some parents pass their bears on to their children, that’ll be the day that I die! I don’t mind my grandchildren playing with him , but God help them if they treat him roughly.


Daddy Bear and friend

My niece, Hannah, who is now an adult likes bears. Hannah’s mother Allison makes bears, she even has a Facebook page for them
it’s worth a look.

The story of Hannah’s Bears inspired me to write a fictionalised version of the story in verse. As I wrote it it occurred to me that it would make a nice book for children. I am nearly sixty, as a child, when we were read stories they tended to be things like Winnie the Pooh, and The Wind in The Willows. There was a magic in the stories and in the language. I had a story but I needed an illustrator, I mentioned it to my daughter, who is somewhat like me; today she produced a picture of my bear. I think I’ve found my illustrator.



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