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Daylight and Seasons
April 25, 2013, 23:13
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I travelled in to work tonight on the bus, in daylight; in the morning I shall travel home, again in daylight. I find it hard to explain just how precious this time of year is to me after the environmental depression we call winter with its seemingly unending darkness. As a nightshift worker I can go for days in the winter without ever seeing daylight. Last year a gloomy winter was followed by such an appalling summer my wife felt it necessary to take me to the Mediterranean to get a few days of sun before I had to face another winter. The previous year the unremitting bad weather throughout the summer precipitated one of my periodic depressions. I do like a little bit of sunshine.

It is wonderful just how much it lifts my spirits to get some sunshine and long light days. For the last few years midsummer’s eve has been spoilt by cloud cover, but when we get good weather the sky does not completely darken. It used to be one of my greatest pleasures to sit outside on a midsummer night and just watch the sky, but not in recent years. Sometimes, I think we forget that we are not apart from nature, we, like our ancestors, are subject to the seasons. It is easy to forget we are children of nature, living in a modern city, eating imported vegetables out of season, but something within us is not fooled. There is a part of us that responds to the pull of the moon and the length of the day, we may conceal it beneath modern technology and manmade fibres, but it is still there, still working within our unconscious. The archetypes identified by Jung and others still work on us for all our veneer of evolution. There is a wide spectrum of archetypes as old as humanity, and as broad as experience. We need to remember who we are before we lose our world and ourselves, we may live in cities but inside we are villagers.


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