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Defending Scotland

The “Better Together” campaign, as part of their scaremongering, claim that Scotland might not be allowed to join NATO nor be able to defend itself. To this they add dark threats about the destruction of Scotland’s defence industries. Needless to say, they are overlooking the facts.

Scotland is of such strategic importance that NATO will be desperate to keep her. Whoever controls Scotland can close the door to the North Sea and the Baltic, leaving the only access via the English Channel. Scotland also controls the northern access to the Irish Sea. Even if the deep water of the Holy Loch is closed to nuclear vessels, it is still the place from which to control the North Atlantic across to Greenland.

It is common practise for countries to lease bases to their allies. Because of the historical practice of the Westminster government to focus the bulk of it’s military spending in the South of England, it would probably be more lucrative for Scotland to rent facilities to the USA. Were the Americans unwilling to lease our facilities, I am sure Russia, with whom we have historic links, would be delighted to be able to guarantee their free access to the Atlantic via the Baltic. Any leasing of facilities could be linked with deals for work for our ship yards.

It should be remembered we have, at Scapa Flow, one of the world’s largest natural harbours, capable of holding four battle fleets, and well positioned to access both the North Atlantic and North Sea. If the runways on the Shetland Islands were to be, at any point, used militarily, the northern access to the North Sea would be closed. The real reason the English don’t want Scotland to be independent, apart from the loss of revenue, is that it would remove any claim they have left of being a major military power.

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