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Gratitude for Virtual friends

Last night I was in conversation on Twitter when it occurred to me once again how much I appreciate my virtual friends. Certainly some of the people with whom I interact are personally known to me, but there are many whom I have never had the pleasure of meeting. A goodly number of them are fellow bloggers on autism, some fellow autistics to whom, like myself, interacting via the web is preferable than conversing face to face. However were I ever to meet any of them, the background of relatedness we have built up would make interaction less awkward. I realise that even online I am quite reluctant to befriend people willy-nilly, although there are some people among my “friends” because it felt impolite or impolitic to refuse them,  the majority have been selected for good reason.

I have basically three types of online “friends”: family and people I know with whom I wish to remain in contact, and people with whom I have connected on line. I find Facebook a great way of keeping in touch with family scattered over three continents. However the people whom I wish to acknowledge are my virtual friends, particularly those around  The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism and The Coffee Klatch http://thecoffeeklatch.com/ who not only have provided moral support and acknowledgement when needed, but are an invaluable source of information and links.

There are too many to acknowledge so I shall content myself with a representative selection. Kim Wombles, whom I feel I’ve known for years, actually I think I have! She has an excellent blog “Countering” http://kwomblescountering.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1 . Shannon  Des Roches Rosa who has a blog Squidelicious at http://www.squidalicious.com/
Marianne Russo who founded The Coffee Klatch, her blog The Life Unexpected is at http://thelifeunexpected.com/

Liz Ditz   is another one of those people who believes reason and good science is better than myth and woo, her blog may be found at http://lizditz.typepad.com/

Other bloggers who are important to me include Nettie Heidman http://nettiesworld.com/
Amalia Starr is an autism  advocate and speaker whose blog about the struggles of her adult son is on Autisable   at http://amaliastarr.autisable.com/
Jeff Stimson  whose blog about raising a son with autism  is at http://jeffslife.tripod.com/alextheboy/

Another time I will have a different list, but these are the people I am being grateful for today.


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