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The Rain Does Not Care.
May 10, 2013, 21:49
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Thursday morning ,with my daisy grubber, I was weeding, in the rain. I was thinking that our weather, too often, keeps me out of the garden. The weeds are romping away with a vengeance, they are growing faster than I am eradicating them. And as I contemplated my misfortunes it dawned on me that the rain doesn’t care. As I spread Round Up Gel on the Horsetail it occurred to me, it’s just doing what it’s always done since the days of the dinosaurs, growing and thriving. There’s no point in my being angry with the Horsetail for doing what it’s always done, besides the Horsetail doesn’t care. The Horsetail doesn’t care, neither do the Creeping Buttercups, the Docks, the Hairy Bittercress nor the Dandelion.

I have found over the years so many reasons to be angry with the world. However inanimate objects do not care, the insentient do not feel. People feel, people care, too often over things that do not matter, illogically, but they feel. I cannot treat people  as things, as objects, however they my occur, because they feel.

I will continue to try to understand how people work. The weeds will continue to grow and the rain will continue to fall. I shall do whatever I shall do, but the rain will never care.

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