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This Universe Is Enough For Me
May 18, 2013, 23:14
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This universe actually does and always has given me all I need. It hasn’t always given me all I wanted and it’s frequently given me lessons I didn’t want, but it’s always satisfied my needs. There is an old saying, “There is enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed”.

I went to the National Trust Georgian House in Edinburgh this week where I watched the film about the house. I was saddened to see how even then people lived beyond their means and incurred debt merely to promote a facade of gentility and wealth. No matter how much some people have they will never have enough because they desire a status that having possessions gives them, however there will always be someone who has more than them. It is not enough to live comfortably or happily because their happiness is predicated on being seen to be special, or better in some way than their contemporaries. Our politicians in particular seen to have a need for the respect of others and for perks that confirm their status, I suspect because inside themselves they know how little they deserve it and how much it is dependent on the good well of others.

An old friend was telling me how some years ago she went to her school class reunion. As the evening write on it emerged how many of the attendees had gone on diets especially for the event or had makeovers, some had even cosmetically enhanced their CVs. It was not enough to meet old friends and swap stories, they had to compete, had to be seen to be materially successful. Their marriages, children, careers could not provide them a with satisfaction, their completeness was dependent on the opinions of other people.

I have travelled and seen some beautiful sights, the Himalayas and the Atlas mountains, I have seen the Taj Mahal and watched sunsets in the Mediterranean. One summer afternoon, as I walked home from Asda, I looked up into the clear blue sky and was compelled to stand and stare by the vision of the full moon, larger than ever I have seen it; I could travel to the ends of the Earth and never again see anything so beautiful, it cost me nothing. My cat does not care what I do for a living, my grandchildren are rather more interested in the time I can spend with them, than the money I can spend on them, I eat well and I am loved, I have all the books I can read and a library ticket should I run out. I have my garden and my work to fill my days. I don’t know what the future may hold, but experience tells me it will be good; it is not what one has that matters but how one has it.

My wife was engaged in a conversation on Facebook wherein someone was bewailing recent events in their lives, it became apparent to several people, sadly not to the complainant, that a small change in perception turned an annoyance into an opportunity. There is a deep joy in wanting what you have and being grateful for it all. There is nothing wrong with accomplishment as long as its lack is not allowed to poison the present. If your stomach is filled, you are dry and warm  and you are loved, then anything else is a bonus. Whether others admire your success is irrelevant as long as you are content. You may have needs to be met, but being praised by others is not one of them.


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