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My Body Says…

And so it rains, and rains. It was a beautiful morning and a dry afternoon, I at last managed to cut my grass. I know most people did their first cut ages ago, one of the problems with working shifts is that our weather doesn’t always cooperate with one’s freedom to take advantage of it. Having finished my night shift this morning, I did less than I might have otherwise, before putting my feet up. I had hoped to do more this evening, but it was never a realistic hope.

One of my ongoing problems is that other people’s schedules and priorities too often differ from mine. I schedule my day to include certain activities, then other people throw my plans off. I must admit that it rarely occurs to me to factor the unpredictability of other people onto my plans. It would be a good idea for me to actually check other people’s schedules, so that my expectations of their impact on my schedule might be more accurate, although, in my experience, people rarely run to time.

I might be less disappointed with the amount I get done, were the expectations of my mind in alignment with my physical capacity. I have a mind that has changed little in half a century living in a body that has changed substantially, and substantially increased. I schedule my day for a body that moves faster, and with less need for rest, than the one which I currently occupy. I won’t complain, this body serves me very well, it would probably serve me better were I to use it with more consideration. It has got me successfully to this point, I tall should show it more respect and gratitude. Dain Heer suggests we actually ask our bodies  “Body, what do you want?” and listen intuitively to its response. And so I am honouring my body by soaking out in a magnesium bath while honouring my mind and my commitments by simultaneously blogging on my phone. However now my body says I should relax before rinsing off under the shower; I shall not argue, goodnight.


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