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May 25, 2013, 22:11
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“We’re getting our vitamin D today!” , said my wife as we sat in the sun, first to eat our lunch, and then to do some work on a course she is designing. I know that even a wee bit of sun makes me feel both healthier and happier, give me two consecutive days of sunshine and I’m as high as a kite. After two depressing (literally) summers, I am hopeful of being able to enjoy this one without having to take refuge in the Mediterranean to preserve my sanity as I did last year.


Of course it is not the sunshine alone that boosts my spirits, but being able to catch up on the many outdoor tasks still waiting, some for well over a year. The inability to impose some sort of order on my garden depresses me, over a couple of years this has the cumulative effect of rendering life joyless and grey. The sense of accomplishment gained from a good session of weeding, or cutting my jungle of a lawn restores purpose and order to life. I have a need to impose order on my environment and take it very ill when that desire is frustrated. It is true, that the need could be satisfied differently, but why should it have to be? I am very much more relaxed in the sunshine and yet I get so much more done than in winter; I tend to do more than I realise because it is so effortless and then I pay for it later.


I love the length of the summer day, it is now late afternoon at 22:00,  by 05:00 the Sun will  have risen and the birds will be singing. I suppose the extra hours mean that, while I am getting more done, I have much more time in which to do it. It may be that if one were to divide the hours of daylight by energy expended, it would be seen that I really am working at a more leisurely pace, but for considerably longer. I know this, pacing myself gently in the summer Sun gives my day a sense of both accomplishment and of being on holiday. I do love summer.


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