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Death to Muslims!
May 28, 2013, 21:48
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Now that I’ve got your attention, I have to wonder at the ill feeling that Muslims provoke in so many of our people. My next door neighbours are Muslims. my friend Mr Arshad brought his children up well and in turn their children are delightful, I am happy that my grandchildren play with them because they are models of good manners in a country that has forgotten how to behave. Indeed I have to say that,
with one exception, I have always been treated by Muslims with the utmost courtesy.

People say that Islam oppresses women, in truth some Muslims oppress women, but as a generalization it is no more valid than, Catholic clergy sexually  abuse children, only some do. Westerners see the Hijab as a sign of oppression, but when I look at my neighbours I note that some wear the Hijab and some don’t, it doesn’t appear to cause strife among them. There was a time when the rights and protections given to Muslim women far exceeded those of Western women and what we may now see as oppressive was once very progressive. Even now we have cases of primogeniture being challenged in court whereas Muslim women have always had inheritance rights to ensure bereavement would not leave them penniless. For many centuries many Muslim women had economic power and Muslim girls were educated when it was unusual for women to be educated. If women in some Muslim countries have restricted rights it is probably due more to sexism than Islam, and sexism is hardly an exclusively Muslim trait.

Muslims are often portrayed as the enemies of Western culture, however, were it not for Islam, the foundations of our culture would have been lost to us. It was Christians who burned the library at Alexandria, it was Muslims who preserved classical texts while Christians were burning books, it was only European trade with Muslim nations that allowed our scholars to access the texts that fuelled the Renaissance. It was Muslims who brought the Hindu Zero to the west and made our mathematics and science possible. Muslims were also responsible for lifting western medicine out of superstition and blood letting.

It is significant that the Muslim greeting translates as ‘Peace to you” and that rather than praise the Prophet’s name they wish peace upon him. Islam is essentially a religion of peace, in Islam war is only allowed in self defence and it is estimated that only a few hundred died in all Mohammed’s campaigns. Violence is no more integral to Islam than it is to Christianity. A few years ago Karen Armstrong wrote a good article in Time Magazine on Islam and peace.
I suspect that ifJesus were in the west today, when asked, “Who is my neighbour?” The story he told in reply would, instead of, “But a Samaritan was going” be phrased, “a Muslim was going” because, make no mistake, Muslims are our neighbours.

Unless we learn to respect our neighbours as ourselves, we will condemn both them and us to lives of conflict and fear. There is a saying, popular in the USA, “What would Jesus do?” You may be sure he would seek peace, and when people raised their voices against Muslims he would reply, “let the one without sin cast the first stone” or perhaps, “take first the beam from your own eye”. Compare our histories, look at our society with it’s crime and debauchery and corruption, Islamic societies may be no better than ours, but can we say they are worse? Isn’t it time we learned to work together to heal the wounds of the world, to work from shared values of peace and justice, rather than perpetuating fear and misunderstanding?


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