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I Can Choose My Own Friends

As I look at all the notifications from the various social networks with which I have an account, I feel increasingly as though I am trapped in some sort of cyber holiday camp where red coats, or blue coats, are determined to make me have fun whether I like it or not.
When I was diagnosed with Asperger’s they said to me that they would send me details of social groups for people with Asperger’s, to which my wife responded, “I thought that was Facebook.”  To some extent she has a point, I do prefer to interact online. If there is one thing that annoys me, as it did when I was a child, is someone telling me with whom to play. I am perfectly capable of deciding the people with whom I want to interact without someone making suggestions. I am also more than a little fed up with the stream of suggestions for pages I should like.

Yesterday I had to report a page that presented itself into my timeline without any agreement on my part. I don’t mind country music stars pages, or pages connected to some television shows, but this was an appallingly racist site purporting to be a political party. I don’t mind some advertising on Facebook in order to pay for the service, but I do resent being forced to read racist filth presented as humour by an extremist right wing group. I am not even saying these people should not be allowed to be on Facebook, but they should not be allowed onto my timeline without my being asked and agreeing.


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