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The Lady Is Not For Turning
June 4, 2013, 09:48
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It appears the BBC is in trouble again, this time for a childish prank about Clare Balding’s homosexuality. Until I saw the article in the paper, Clare Balding’s sexuality had never impinged on my consciousness, I think, perhaps because it is not, not has it ever been relevant, to my appreciation of her work. In short Clare Balding is an excellent presenter, knowledgeable in her field, and completely professional.

I find people’s obsession with the sex lives of celebrities rather depressing, do people have so little excitement in their lives that they have to find it in prurience? I suppose there are some celebrities who by their public behaviour invite interest in their sex lives, but no one has to accept that invitation. There are others, like Clare Balding, who neither flaunt nor conceal their sexuality, they don’t misbehave in public, they merely behave in a civilised manner and it is that which upsets people anxious for sensation and notoriety.

There is an argument for the press reporting the sexual misbehaviour of those who set themselves up as role models. If celebrities give themselves the right to make public announcements on social ot political issues, then their morality is a matter of public concern; that is doubly true of politicians whose excessive wages are paid by our taxes. What I do consider unnecessary is the attempts by writers to make something out of nothing, if people are causing no offence then they should be left in peace. I am totally opposed to censorship, but I do believe that, in return for press freedom, our journalists and broadcasters should display restraint and good taste. When the media misbehaves it plays into the hands of those who want to shackle the press.

I have mentioned the media and celebrities, but it is the prurient curiosity of the reading public that causes the media’s excessive focus on sex. Perhaps it is time for all of us to show a little more restraint and to behave with a little more dignity. If we hope to bring about change we must start with ourselves.


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