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Today (I’m Glad To Be Alive)


This evening there was an attractive auburn haired girl on the bus; I didn’t like her, she was sitting in my seat. She wouldn’t have been in my seat had I got the bus, as usual, at the terminus. However no one had bought my paper today, so I had to walk down to Asda to buy it; they had sold out, and I had to catch the bus several stops later than I like. As I had woken up nearly an hour later than planned, so did not get my habitual sit to watch the news and regular tasks went undone, the day was not shaping up well.

The bus was one of those that bleeps and also shudders whenever stationary, I hate them. However the journey was not all bad, we were repeatedly overtaken by a cyclist who eventually lost us on Queen Margaret Drive; he was obviously a serious cyclist because he had pockets on the back of his shirt. Sadly the bus had to pause for a protracted period of suffering and bleeping as the driver adjusted his adherence th the time table, agony! On the plus side I remembered to hold my breath as we passed the sewerage works.

There is an obviously autistic man who frequently travels on the bus. He is virtually non-verbal and his spasticated limbs compel him to use a walking aid. However he is, despite his mobility difficulties, travelling around the city unaccompanied, which is both cause for respect and celebration. Some days there is a happy, middle aged man with Down’s syndrome on the bus, always friendly, but he was not there today, he usually catches an earlier bus. Perhaps we need to remember that the limits we see for the disabled may not occur to them, people can do many things as long as they are not aware that they cannot. Indeed it may not occur to them that they are disabled, but just challenged; given the will people can accomplish beyond expectation.

My spirits were lifted by the autistic fellow overcoming his challenges. It occurred to me, suddenly, that I’m actually having a very good day. We are having summer weather and I’m in Scotland, Yes I’m dropping things, knocking things over and my coordination is well away, but, by golly, I’m glad to be alive today.


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