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A Perfect Day


Today Neelam and I went on a tour of the BBC in Glasgow. I love the BBC, it had been part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was a child my mother listened to things like “Music While You  Work”, “Family Favourites, and “Mrs Dale’s Diary”; I didn’t like “Mrs Dale’s Diary, I liked “Listen With Mother”. Because of where we were situated in Littondale we could only receive one (out of two) television channels so until I was five the BBC was synonymous with broadcast entertainment.

Neelam is on the BBC’s audience council and used to broadcast the occasional “Thought for The Day” so the your was no big deal for her, but got me out was a minor event that linked into many happy memories of more than half a century. The tour itself was short, but informative. Ross and Barry, the guides, were entertaining and made the experience very enjoyable. At the end of the tour I got the chance to read a script, to camera, from the Autocue and the rest of the group had the experience of recording a mini radio drama. The tour was fun and I would recommend it to anyone (age eight and above) it could be combined with the Glasgow Science Centre, next door, to make a day out.


Neelam had booked us a table in Paperino’s, Byres Road at four o’ clock. As the weather was beautiful we parked in Tesco’s car park and walked along the Kelvin Walkway and the Botanic Gardens to Byres Road. I have, in the past, given Paperino’s a glowing review, and this time it did not disappoint. The restaurant has changed a little and now features a Prosecco bar at the front, the Grappa is excellent. The bar has it’s own menu, but we ate from the main restaurant menu and as always the food and service were excellent.


Suffused with a warm glow of well being we retraced our steps, popped into Tesco for a few things, then home for an early night. As Neelam sleeps, I am sitting in bed watching the sky, wandering if it will get completely dark and reflecting on what has been a perfect day.



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