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Grow up, me?


I had such a wonderful day yesterday I didn’t want it to end and stayed awake longer than was sensible, long after everyone else was asleep. I slept for a couple of hours and then awoke because today wss the day of the West End Festival parade. Ok, the parade was not for another ten hours, but I get excited. I was excited yesterday because I was going to the BBC and I was excited because I was going to my favourite restaurant and when I get excited I get bouncy, that’s the way I am!


Last night I eventually went to bed after half past one and woke up just after four, because my brain was buzzing with ideas and excitement. I don’t sleep well when I’m edited. In the end I didn’t do half the things I expected, but we did get to the parade and then, after walking around for a while, we found ourselves back in Paperino’s. The  parade of various community organisations was fun and Byres Road was packed, there must have been several thousand people watching the parade. I had my camera and there were dragons, any parade that has dragons is ok with me. I just love the colour, the drums and the Samba rhythms. The weather was magnificent and contributed to the happy atmosphere. Byres  Road had food stalls and people selling all manner of things from handpainted silk started to empty Tennant’s Lager cans.


I said to Neelam that I have the best life of anyone in the world. I asked her if she thought I would ever grow up, she replied why would you want to? I realise that I have no intention of growing up.



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