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Cut MPs Salaries Now!
June 10, 2013, 20:44
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Are our MPs paid too much? They would tell us, no, indeed they feel they should be paid more about £20,000 more. What is their justification? That high salaries attract people of higher calibre, that may, possibly, be true in business, but it is certainly spurious in politics. Parliamentary candidates are not selected on their ability to represent their constituents, but rather, on their compliance, their loyalty to the party and willingness to serve it. The political party, whichever one it is, is not primarily interested in the electorate except as a source of power. The electoral process is not even democratic, we are not choosing the best people to represent us, we are offered a choice predetermined by party managers, not on merit but on malleability.

It is certainly true that our representatives should be paid an adequate salary and for someone who wishes to serve their people all they require is enough to live on and a pension. Higher salaries don’t attract the more capable, they attract the more greedy and the MPs financial scandals, expense rigging and “cash for questions”illustrate that it is the greedy who are attracted, with a few exceptions. On top of their, over, £60,000 MPs also receive generous allowances to pay for their accommodation and travel, the rest of us pay our own mortgages and fares out of our own wages.  Does the MP’s high salary secure quality of repossession? One only had to look at the Register of Members Interests to realise that for many, being an MP is a part time job a they are also engaging in other business interests in the time when we might, justifiably, expect them to be working for us.

Is £60,000 ungenerous? The UK average median wage is around £20,000, over twenty percent earn that average; less than ninety-seven percent earn £60,000. MPs are out of touch with the issues and anxieties of ordinary people. Over thirty percent of the population earn less than £15,000 per annum. It may be argued that living and working in London is more expensive, however the average London salary is around £35,000, which is less than half the £80,000  to which MPs  consider themselves  entitled.

There are many in Scotland who consider MPs  salaries too high, many consider the salaries of MSPs  too high and that includes some MSPs. However under existing UK law salaries in the Scottish Parliament are linked to Westminster, the only way we can limit our own representatives’ salaries and rid ourselves of the exorbitant cost of the Westminster parliament is to rid ourselves of Westminster and the MPs who feed, like leeches, off our taxes.


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