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Unlimited Pleasure


What if it were possible that there are no limits on the pleasure you can experience? If, as some people claim, our experiences are created by our mind, then our thoughts and beliefs are what impose limits on our experience of pleasure.
“The meal is Not the menu” said Werner Erhard, taking Alfred Korzybski’s “the map is not the territory” and applying it very directly to personal experience. Werner’s point is that because we each have expectations of how a dish should taste, we filter our experience through that expectation and rarely, actually, experience eating.
Worse still is the next step where we decide  that things should be done in a particular way, in a particular order. The possibility of experiences is subjected to routine. The problem is not actually the repetition, the routine, but the expectations that accompany it. There is absolutely no point in therapists encouraging people to do things differently if they simply think and feel the same way. It is the doing of thinking that needs to change, then the sequence may or may not follow.

NLP, as other self development systems, has various techniques got changing one’s beliefs and for loosening a person’s model of the world.  However the substitution of one belief for another does not remove the barriers to experience, it simply provides a different set of filters. Recently on a Landmark seminar the leader used an interesting exercise that had the participants have a thought then change their minds. This was repeated very quickly over and over, the general upshot is to reach a point beyond thought. In one of my blog posts, several years ago, I talked about one of my favourite meditation techniques “Thoughts like clouds“. Just as one lies on the ground on a summers day and observes clouds drifting across the sky  one being replaced by another.Observe your thoughts as if they were clouds, do nothing with them, do not follow them, do not judge them, just let them float by, and notice the gaps between them. Everything you encounter, places and people and things, occur as thoughts, observe them as you do the clouds, see what you see, hear what you hear, smell what you smell, feel what you feel, no more no less.

I mentioned unlimited pleasure, this is unlimited, but what about ridiculous pleasure? All it takes is to intensify the experience, freed from constraints. Turn up the volume on the senses. Richard Bandler suggests locating the sensation of pleasure and spinning it. Because of the way our unconscious works spinning in one direction will mute the experience, while the other will intensify it, and it does work. However the Saivite, will observe that all this is trying to overcome the mind with the mind. True pleasure occurs when the mind is altogether dropped, all definitions become meaningless, pure experience cannot be described  it is the space between the clouds after the clouds have gone. In the end there is nothing you can do to create unlimited pleasure, except let go, do nothing, just surrender to the infinite pleasure that is already, always present.


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