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I Am a Camera – White


I enjoy photography, but my wife complains my pictures tend not to have people in them. I took her photo the other day, in the park, when I finished she said, “Now I’ll get out of your way, I know you don’t really want me I’m the picture”. She was not entirely accurate  but I must admit I do generally prefer landscapes without people. I do take photos of people, family anyway, and I will photograph an event like the West End Festival parade, but it is true I prefer to avoid people.


If I am honest I must admit I take more photos on my phone than on my camera. My phone is good, but my camera also serves to protect me from people, I have a chunky compact behind which I can hide quite well. For me photography is not so much an instrument of social interaction, but rather, a means to avoid it; I am much more comfortable observing the world than engaging with society. I have learned from Practical Photography, or was it Digital Photo, that using a slow shutter speed can disappear pesky humans from landscape photos. I don’t know whether my compact will allow me to use a long enough exposure, I hope so, as convincing Neelam that I need an SLR  in order to remove people from my pictures, will be somewhat of a challenge.


I don’t suppose many compact camera users subscribe to magazines obviously targeted at SLR owners. However I find them a source of constant inspiration, I think they even help my smartphone photos as basic principles translate across formats. I have learned a lot, but I am ultimately a snapper, I even take my shots for HDR freehand by getting my exposure from different parts of a scene, rather than properly using a tripod and different exposures. Still, were it not for the magazines, I would not have tried HDR and discovered it’s benefits.


I don’t use Photoshop, I use Serif PhotoPlus, but I do enjoy the many Photoshop articles and tips in the photography magazines, and they do translate to my photoeditor. While I personally like to get my photo right in camera, I have been converted to photo editing, because it is an art in itself and surprisingly satisfying. I am completely addicted to the Snapseed app on my phone, and I’m enjoying discovering some of the apps available. As a grandfather with active grandchildren, I am very fond of Fastburst Camera as the ordinary camera app can’t keep up with them; my grandchildren love it when I play a Fastburst sequence backwards as it’s like a slow motion film. Other favourites include Retro Camera and HDR Camera.


Sadly I am aware that however much I am enjoying my photography at the moment , I am aware of a growing desire for something a little more sophisticated in terms of equipment, after all the real point of photography like computing is the cool toys.



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