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Waking Moments


I am sure scientists can explain the creativity that strikes in those first stirring moments between sleep and being awake. It is so often the time when poetry is born and for some,I suspect, the ideas that make their fortunes. Sadly I am still waiting for my money making inspiration, but not for the poetry. During NaPoWriMo I became so used to waking poetry, indeed it was often the poems that awakened me, I began keeping a notebook beside my bed just for poetry.

I have often referred to my, not infrequent  bouts of insomnia. Although I cannot pretend to enjoy being unable to sleep, it is usually because ideas are rushing through my mind like unruly children, upsetting all order and tranquillity. There are more than a few blogs which have been born in the dark hours of the night, some remain as notes, others you may have read.

My dreams often provide material for blogs or inspiration for other things, much of my garden has been dreamt, sadly much of it remains a fantasy. Sometimes as I dream I become aware that I am dreaming, yet I am reasonably sure I am still awake. I love being able to rerun and rewrite a dream to improve it or produce a better outcome. These dreams so often lead into that waking creative state that occurs just before my eyes open and reality kicks in again. By the time my eyes open I may have turned an idea over many times, but when those eyes open I have only seconds to start writing otherwise it is lost. Not lost altogether, but much of it may disappear, and what emerges from the remnants is very different from the initial inspiration.

There have been nights I haven’t wanted to wake up the next morning, but on reflection I am glad I did. It is not in this body that I live, but in the flashes of creativity to which it is party. Life is in awakening.


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