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The Pace of Life

“The pace of life was quicker then than it is today” Max Irons on The White Queen.

Given the way so many of us, today, bemoan the pace of life, it amused me to hear the pace of life in medieval England being described as quicker. I wonder how Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and that crowd would have taken to Twitter. If they had had Twitter the first episode of the White Queen might have looked like this (groveling apologies to Philippa Gregory)

(Elizabeth Woodville) OMG just heard hubby copped it. The boys won’t be happy, no family holiday again.

Omg. Met the king, buffed or what!

Mum had me doing weird witchy stuff, she actually believes this shit.

Ok that was embarrassing the king got his thing out, I had to pull his dagger, not a euphemism, to stop him.

Thanks to mum’s weird shit just found a cool ring. Lol

(Edward IV) Liz Woodville, prick teaser, I am so over her!

(Elizabeth Woodville) OMG the king asked me to marry me, never expected that, thought he dropped me.

Omg can’t believe I just shagged the king! He’s a big man! Lol.

Tony says the wedding was a fake, he’s such a dick!

(Tony Woodville) @LizWoodville Sis check my battle pics on FB. Cool or what?

(Edward IV) Can’t believe @Warwick told me I can’t marry who I want. Told everyone about Liz and me, he’s pissed!

Should have seen @Warwick’s face when I told him about Liz! ROTFLMAO

(Richard Neville @Warwick) @France wedding off, sorry.

(Ann Neville)  Elizabeth Woodville came to court, don’t see what the king sees in her.

(Jacquetta Woodville) Maggie Beaufort called me a turncoat, hypocrite!

(Duchess Cecily)  Just met the gold digger who married Eddie, slut, but what do you expect with a mother like that!

(Jacquetta Woodville) The King’s mother is a stuck up cow!

(Elizabeth Woodville)  Omg just met Eddie’s mum, she hates me! It’s mutual.

Mum’s doing more weird shit. Says we’ve got to watch my MIL and @Warwick.

I am looking forward to episode two, I have to admit that episode one was an hour that passed too quickly.


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