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June 18, 2013, 23:57
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I posted a couple of photos to Facebook the other day. I took them in 1994 on a trip to India with my father in law. I took them on my Yashika, long since gone. It occurred to me that the pictures have a finish that today people use apps, like Retro Camera, to reproduce. It may be fanciful, but it feels as if the pictures belong in a different age, an age before digital. So much has changed in less than twenty years.


I am typing this on my smartphone, twenty years ago very few if us had mobiles, and the mobiles that there were were too big to carry easily or fitted in cars. Cameras captured images on film. The photos I took in India,I took to a shop in Delhi for processing and my family back in Scotland saw them when I returned home. Nowadays people take their pictures digitally, often on their phone, and chasm upload them in seconds to the web.
I wrote yesterday of the pace of modern life, those weeks in India, in 1994, feel somehow slower although they were, in fact, full of events. They were happy days and I look back on them fondly.  I saw some wonderful things, wonderful places and met some wonderful people who made me very welcome.


I have been back to India since then, it is a wonderful place. One of the things that made that first visit was listening to my father in law reminiscing about the India of his childhood, “this was all jungle” he’d say as we drove through outer Delhi. We would walk into a shop and give his name and young men would come out to touch his feet, I had not realised how extensive was my wife’s family. My photos contain so many memories. Sometime I shall revisit this blog post, but for now time and the internet are against me.



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