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Thinking About Siva


Last night, as so often over the years, my thoughts turned to Siva and, in turn, out poured a poem which I wrote straight inthio my Facebook status. I was devastated, temporarily, to discover today it had not appeared on my timeline. I have been thinking, recently, about thinking and consciousness which turned my thoughts to The Siva Sutras. Neelam gave me two books to read of which I have just read Michael Neill’s “The Inside Out Revolution” and I am in the middle of “Clarity” by Jamie Smart. As I have been reading it occurred to me just how familiar the ideas were to me, both from Werner Erhard’s est Training which originated around the same time as Sydney Banks’ Three Principles, but more particularly from the Siva Sutras. 

The key teaching of the three principles and of est, which is also found in the sutras is that our experience of the world is created by our thoughts, not imposed upon us from outside. The Siva Sutras actually describe our sense organs as organs of creation. To put it another way the world is as we perceive it to be or, as Jamie Smart puts it “You are experiencing your thought”  crucially this means that by thinking differently we experience differently, as Sydney Banks says, “You are only one thought away from happiness” The books Neelam handed me are very powerful, and well worth reading, what’s more they’ve inspired me to revisit the Siva Sutras.

I cannot remember the words of last night’s poem, however here its a rough reconstruction of the ideas.

         Siva is everything,
        Everything is Shiva.
     There is nothing that is
                 Not Siva.
         Siva in all things,
         All things in Siva.
           Before all, Siva;
            After all, Siva.
                All in all,



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