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Presumptive Sex
June 25, 2013, 20:39
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I am now nearly six months in to my challenge of posting to my blog every day for a year. Because of internet problems, I frequently have to compose my blog on my mobile phone. Writing on a mobile brings with it the challenge of predictive text, I know each post requires many edits to render it into English, but how many? I have threatened many times to compose and post an uncorrected blog just to see what it looks like and, also, to see just how many edits I would make. I have decided that tomorrow is the day.

I look forward to seeing what predictive text makes of phrases like, “an encyclopedic understanding of antidisestablishmentarianism” and certain proper nouns, particularly non-English names. Even when I type on a keyboard, my fingers have a tendency to type words of which my mind had not thought, but on a mobile phone I have to contend with, not only my fingers idiosyncratic spelling, but also the determination of predictive text to render my profound musings incomprehensible. I may perhaps add a little Shakespeare or Harry Potter, either way it should prove interesting.


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