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More Presumptive Text

For those who were disappointed that, despite its title, yesterdays post contained no sex, I offer an apology and must explain that the title refers to what predictive text can do to “predictive text”. And now as promised unedited text.

I thought that the best thing to do might be to post the text of yesterday’s blog, on my phone, without editing.
I am nearly DivX months into my challenge of posting to my blog every day for a year.Because of internet problems, I frequently have to compose my blog on my mobile phone. Writing on a mobile phone brings with it the challenge of predictive text,I know each post requires many edits to render it into English, but how many? I have threatened many times to compose and post an uncorrected blog just to see what our looks like and, also to see just how many edits I would make.I have decided that tomorrow its the day.
I look forward to seeing what predictive text makes of phrases like, “an encyclopedic understanding of (my phone has just instructed to try my word again) (twice – it can’t handle antidisestablishmentarianism, but who can blame it?) antidisestablishmentarianism”and certain proper nouns, particularly non-english names.seven when I type on a keyboard, my fingers have a tendency to type words of which my mind had not thought, but on a mobile phone I Havre to contend with, not only my fingers idiosyncratic (Dan I thought idiosyncratic would have caused problems…Dan, out rather damn had) spelling, but also the determination of predictive text to render my profound musings incomprehensible, I may perhaps add a little Shakespeare or Harry Potter, writhe way it soul prove interesting.
I am slightly dislodged at how well the predictive text has, so far, preformed. (Oh yes, it messed up on preformed -that should be performed). Now for a test on names: Rhiannon, Trojan (wing that is to say wrong), Dinah (no, Dinesh), Zombies (Ambika will be pleased!), Vonage (I don’t know what Vonage is, but outs not Connacht, broth ifs outs its, which should be it’s!). I didn’t expect predictive text to handle names stall well.

Experiment over, I have to admit I am impressed by how accurate Swype is overall. Of one thing I am very certain and that is the importance of adding words into the dictionary. It is also important to keep an eye on the word offered and the alternative suggestions as many errors are caused by carelessness caused by allowing speed to compromise accuracy. It is clear to me that most of my editing could be avoided were I to favour accuracy over speed.


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