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Rambling Weirdly
June 29, 2013, 23:52
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It’s funny, or rather it’s no, the way symptoms accumulate when you’re no feeling weel. I was struggling last night fae a combination o sair guts and sair heid. A guid sleep the day has helped. However being a Saturday there’s aye some eejit who thinks it’s clever tae phone fae a disco, sure after the first acoustic shock o the nicht ma tinnitus is raging, ma lugs is ringing an ma heid is louping. I’ve no idea why I wrote that in dialect!

I suppose I’m fed up with drunks and eejits, noisy air conditioning, and people talking. When I’m on sparkling form, I can take it all in my stride, but tonight I can’t be bothered with it all at all. However this is what I do and I will do it, autopilot kicks in, reason ifs suspended, I am robot. I have, in earlier posts, catalogued my extensive list of sensory symptoms, so I won’t bore you again. I’ll just stop now and crawl away to feel sorry for myself, instead of, as usual, feeling sorry for the rest of you for not being me. Well it made me chuckle.

I am aware that I am rambling, but I Havre no idea where I am going or, for that matter where I’ve been. I’m in a strange mood and I don’t suppose the pain killers will change that, but they will make it tolerable. Anyway, I’m fed up with myself now so I’ll away tae finish ma pieces and read the Micro Mart.


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