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I have been enjoying watching Jamie Smart’s “Effortless Evolution” which is the precursor for his book “Clarity”. I only mention this because I am in a fabulous mood and, tomorrow, start four days off. Now Jamie Smart, like Sydney Banks and Werner Erhard maintains, quite rightly, that one’s circumstances are not the cause of one’s joy; joy comes from within. However, I must admit that, now my unwellness has passed and my days off are beginning, my circumstances  aren’t impeding my joy!   Of course, it is not one’s circumstances that affect one’s mood, but how one responds to them, as Jamie Smart says, “You are not feeling your circumstances; you are feeling your thinking”

This afternoon I was watching Andre Rieu on television and observing the happiness he generates from within himself and how that communicates to his audience. Recently I watched a documentary about him and it was very apparent that he is very serious about both his music, and his fun. Our circumstances do not create our happiness, but Andre Rieu uses his happiness to create his circumstances. He works with people he likes, he lives in a castle and he does the work he loves. The documentary showed just how hard he does work, and the joy he creates. It occurs to me that to say that our circumstances don’t create our happiness is only part of the story. I think Andre Rieu is creating a loop in which his joy creates circumstances which, in turn, feed his joy and motivate his work. He creates his joy, but also the context in which it manifests, and the circumstances he creates reflect his joy back to him.

Why, when we can create joy, and around us a joyful world, do we ever choose anything else? Sometimes we forget ourselves and believe in the illusion our thoughts present us. Awareness of who we are, as the Siva Sutras makes clear, is the antidote to illusion. It is so appropriate that Jamie Smart’s book is called “Clarity” because clarity is the key that frees us from our thoughts.



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