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Sitting Smiling in My Heart


I am sitting in my bedroom in the evening quiet, looking out at the hills and the soft grey clouds, backlit by the evening Sun. Life is good, this is a beautiful world, and I am so blessed to live in Scotland and to be able daily to lift up mine eyes to the hills and from them draw strength. I do not always feel this way, however it is my default position. When the tumult ceases I am glad to be here, here is, of course, always where I am. As I often say, “At my age I’m glad to be anywhere!” Hey it makes me laugh, if you don’t like it write your own jokes.

People forget that they can only be where they are when they are. No matter how hard you may wish you were somewhere else, however much you may wish you were in another, happier time, perhaps in the past or a looked forward to future; the only place you can be is here, the only time you can be is always Now. There is nothing wrong with memories, particularly happy ones, and expectant anticipation can be a source of great energy and motivation. However when memory and anticipation prevent you from fully experiencing the present then you are not really living. Even if you think you can remember a happier time, the only time you can experience happiness is now, it is only ever now. If you’re not living here, and you can’t live anywhere else, then you are not enjoying the fullness of life.


It has been a busy day. I had a couple of hours sleep, then Neelam and I drove to Alloa for a meeting about a course she is about to run for people who want to be able to present to groups. It is a beautiful drive and today, being a dry summer’s day, it was doubly so. The course is exciting and is very much illuminated by “Inside Out” thinking, I forgot how little sleep I had had. Energised by the meeting I sailed through visits to the garden centre and a supermarket, although I must admit, for me, buying roses is always a joyful activity.
It was only after returning home I became aware of my lack of sleep. And so I sit, gathering my thoughts in the stillness of a summer’s evening, in my favorite place, Here, and at my favorite moment, Now. Quietly enjoying being me, being sleepy, being here, being now. And I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.



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Beautiful, and perfectly brought to closure with the quote from Jerry, “and I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.”


Comment by Daniel Barber

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