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Another Pies of My Heart


I have had another wonderful day. As the weather, this morning, was less than promising I decided it would be a good day to visit the cinema and start getting this month’s value from my Cineworld Unlimited Card. Some people have been critical of “Man of Steel” but I enjoyed it. Perhaps it was a little too long, however it was a good film, not a great film, but enjoyable. “Now You See Me” was a wonderful film full of beautiful twists delivered by a top flight cast; even though I know what happens, I would happily watch it again. To make things still better in the interval between my films I picked up a couple of HP Lovecraft books for £2.99 each.

The crowning glory of the day came after the cinema. I met Neelam and before we went home we decided to go for coffee. I had spotted a cafe, Laurie’s, in Hope Street that I didn’t know, so that’s where we went. I had thought to just have a coffee and, perhaps, a cake, but then I discovered their pie menu. There are never enough opportunities to eat pie and mash and I’m always delighted to find another place to enjoy them. Laurie’s pie menu by Pieminister is mostly meat based, but there are a couple of vegetarian options so I had to try one. I thoroughly enjoyed my Wild Shroom Pie with mashed potato and gravy. As a Saivite I may eat what I choose and I choose not to eat meat, I didn’t inquire about the ingredients of the gravy, but I suspect a strict vegetarian might want to. Neelam had an almond croissant, which they warmed as a matter of course. The coffee was excellent and the service even better. Pie and mash in a light airy atmosphere, life doesn’t get much better. I end my day suffused with a sense of well being and quietly chuckling to myself pies can do that to me.


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